Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wow just wow!

Photo courtesy of The Morgan Hill Times

I was at first appalled that some kids were told to go home for wearing their patriotic clothing to school. Until I saw what they were wearing. You know, our country is in some major unrest at this time. No matter what side of the fence you are on, people are mad here and people are mad there. Then we have some punk kids trying to stir up more drama! Really! Do we need this type of publicity? How do you think this makes us look? Our country has enough problems right now that the whole world can see! The social media age has taken over and now people can know what is happening in our country 24/7! While the rest of the world is worried about elections, riots, WAR, death, starvation, oil, and flooding, these fools are making a stink about Cinco de Mayo and what they were wearing. A school can tell you what to wear, even the public ones. It is called discretion of the administration. If they do not like it, you do not get to wear it! These kids knew what they were doing when they chose to wear this. Did they know that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more by American Caucasians than Hispanics? This is a holiday that America has made into another hallmark holiday. Come on people! Let's worry about our bigger problems right now, say like, the economy! Not some punks trying to stir up trouble!

Okay, I will step down from the soap box now. Have a great Saturday Everyone!