Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Words of Wisdom


My oldest is going to turn 13 in less than 15 days.  This is the first in a lifetime of big birthdays.  I, honestly, am very excited for him due to how life changing his next few years are going to be.  He attended his first dance with a girl on Friday night.  We didn’t get to see her or anything.  Steve told us that her parents wanted to drop her off at the dance, which was totally understandable.  They did take pictures and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!  He has turned into such a young man this last year and as time moves on I have been having more heart to hearts with him.  Talks that explain life and how his life came to be.  I have always been very open with him about how young I was when he was born.  I pray daily that he does not follow in my poor footsteps.  So far, his decisions have been good ones with a few missteps along the way.  I remember middle school.  I also remember that relationships start during this time of a tween’s life.  It’s hard to know the right way to say things to kids.  We made sure though that we explained that touching girls at school is completely inappropriate.  That a young man should always treat a girl like she is a princess.  We reiterated that kissing is completely a no no at school.  They can get in a lot of trouble for things like that.  The schools are much more strict on these types of policies and we don’t want him doing anything stupid that will get him in big trouble.  I hate to think that this time has already arrived but I have to face the facts.  But I will be ready and give Steven the most words of wisdom I can shove down his throat before he gets older!


The Higginbotham's Blog said...

I am having chest pain!! 13!!! Really??? He should be 3!

Meghan said...

Totally agree!

Hattie said...

We are in the same boat girl! I had Jonathan (who turned 13 last Nov.) at 16 so we had the same talk w/ him a year ago. I think the "sex & RESPECT" talk is very important to have these days. I want so much more for my boys and I want them to learn from my poor choices. (I never call them mistakes!) Good luck w/ a teenager, but I'm sure you'll do just fine! You're such a great momma!!!