Monday, August 31, 2009

Been in a blogging blah

Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone up to date with our fabulously exciting life lately.  Last week was the final week of summer school for Blake and I.  We both had a ridiculous amount of work to do PLUS I was making a powerpoint for boy scouts for a salesmanship merit badge class for tomorrow night.  I still have a research paper that is due tonight and we have already started another term!  AHHH  Anywhoo promise for some much better content at  a later date.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Explain This

How is it that in our world, people who hurt animals receive more harsh a sentence than someone who beats a human being?  Michael Vick did some really horrible things, but Chris Brown beat the tar out of a woman!  Sometimes I really don't understand justice. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. 

My football playing eldest child most certainly did not decide instead of telling mom that he needs new cleats that he would borrow from the charity bucket.

Bryce absolutely did not look at me and tell me that boogers taste good as he was picking his nose.

Steven did not tell me what a great day he had only to learn he has d-hall for playing around.

He also did not conveniently forget the write slip for above said d hall.

Bryce surely does not have to be bribed anytime we go to a store that has a cart. He always sits so quietly and calmly while we attempt to grocery shop.

I know that I did not find the unrated version of American Pie in Steven's DVD player. He always knows what types of movies he should watch.

Bryce did not scream this morning, Mommy I want out my bed, I no sick no more! He surely can't be that cute!

My recently potty trained toddler does not have a fear of public toilets, which leads to many problems whenever out. He also does not seem to care if he goes in the grass in public.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

I am!  Here is Steven in uniform!  We had a jamboree today and they only played for about 30 minutes but it was great!  We start full season on Thursday!

Friday, August 21, 2009


We were awaken by a lovely telephone this morning around 5 am. Now usually you would think OH NO what has happened and what is going on but we knew that it meant only one thing. My niece is here! Alyssa Kaye was born this morning at 4:29 and I couldn't be more happy. Being in a family of boys and Blake's brother has Bronson, I am ecstatic that we have a girl around now! Preston is one of Blake's very best friends so I am claiming her as a niece!

She looks just like her daddy and is just gorgeous! I cannot wait to get back to the hospital to see her some more!

Please pray for their family as they begin such a new, wonderful chapter of their life. I would also ask that you pray for a high school friend's family also. Melissa rode the bus, carpooled, and cheered with me and her aunt was one of the victims on the Lockerbie plane. The person convicted was just released from prison yesterday because he has prostate cancer. I do not understand how they could release him. Please keep their families in your prayers as well, as they deal with this all over again!

On another note: We start football games tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Steven will receive his number assignment today and then they have their jamboree tomorrow. My plan today is to get out the good ol' markers and start making some spirit signs for him! I am so excited, can you tell! Go Black Bears!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scout Advancements!

Steven has worked very hard this year and Tuesday night we had our Summer Court of Honor for our boy scouts.  Steven earned two rank advancements.  He is now a Second Class Scout and is already working on earning the next one.  He only has 3 more advancements before we begin working on his Eagle!  Time surely flies.  He was just a little guy when he joined this troop and they have helped him grow up so much!  He also earned quite a few merit badges;  fishing, citizenship in the world, citizenship in the nation, first aid, and archery.  Way to go Steve!  We are all SO PROUD OF YOU!

Calling All Moms

Just wanted to let anyone know that Gymboree has a sister store now similar to how Gap and Old Navy operate.  It is called Crazy 8 and I have a coupon code good for August 20 through August 23.  I just ordered Bryce some jeans (because we have alsolutely 0) and they were on sale for $6.99 plus when you use this code C8WELCOME it will give you an extra 25% off!  I love this place just about as much as The Children's Place.  They are a good fabric and they are very good quality.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pics from the Braves Game!

I am truly blessed to have two wonderfully sweet and caring brothers.  They love each other and have such a great relationship. 

Papa Murphy Pizza

We recently decided to try out the new pizza place in town.  It is a take and bake which I just wasn't that interested in.  I really didn't want to pay and still have to cook my pizza.  Well they sure did surprise me because it was good!  They even have little guy pizzas for $2 so I just couldn't resist getting Bryce one.  Steven had a free mini pizza because he read so many books during the summer and we had stopped in to pick it up.  See aren't these little pizzas cute!

If you know Bryce, you know he likes to eat.  Here he is trying to dig in even before it was cooked.
It is good pizza but not something we will do often because if I am paying they are cooking!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A hot and tired weekend!

I don't think that I have ever been more ready for the rain from the almost hurricane to come! It is August in the south which means only about one thing: HEAT! Now there is a difference from being hot and living in the humid south during August. It is so miserable that it makes nothing outside enjoyable. PLUS, to top it off we have a wasp infestation taking over our backyard. I will think to myself (never out loud) let's take the boys outside and then I go towards the door and open the curtain and what do I see??? A MILLION WASPS EVERYWHERE! I am talking they are hovering the ground and waiting for some idiot to walk outside. There was one even munching on some unlucky bug right in front of the back door! So, we have been chillin in the house and trying to find fun things for our weekends.

This weekend was a little different because months ago, I was suckered into a sales deal. I have a heart for salesmen who have to make blind calls on people. This guy came to our work and he had a braves packet. You would get 4 free tickets and 8 BOGO's. This was not a bad deal because you choose where you want to sit starting terrace level and going up. The terrace is shaded he said and great for the kids and are really good seats! Steven has never seen the Braves and I haven't been since before the Olympics changed everything so I bought it. You had to send off to get seats, it was really quick had the tickets in one week! We decided after Steven started school would be a great time so that we may have a mini vacay in a weekend. We loaded up on Saturday and headed to Atlanta. My BIL works for a hotel so we were able to take advantage of his room rate at a hotel within walking distance to the stadium. I shouldn't complain but the hotel had really poor service this time. We had stayed there about 2 years ago and they were fabulous and didn't think anything would have changed. Well let me tell you I knew it was going to be bad when we checked in and she said that I had reserved smoking! WE DO NOT SMOKE and everyone knows that for non smokers that a smoking room is awful! I told her that there was no way of this because I have the children and would never book a room with the kids in smoking. Being a forgetful person I had left the reservations on my kitchen table so I had no proof and they were all booked so there was not much else to do! Then you have to have a card from the hotel you work at and we left that in the car so Blake had to go get that. Then we get in the room which STANK and I can't understand why they even allow smoking in hotel rooms was very spacious but I had requested a pullout for Steven and it wasn't there either. This is not a huge deal but I hate to have a bed and him sleep in the floor. Next, I had Steven call before we left for the game for extra pillows. We get back, no pillows. He calls down and asks again. 2 Hours later, no pillows. Being an almost teen (which means that he is grown up, DUH) he went to the front desk because we were ready for bed and they told him that they would bring them right up. So about an hour later we passed out and I had given my pillow to Steven. I still had one but it was the smallest one and I think it was mainly decoration! Being that it was an employee rate I did not want to fuss too much but still simple customer service people! We gave them more than enough time (8 hours+) but whatever be thankful for what I do have.

The ballgame was H O T! Whoever schedules a ball game at 4pm in the South should be shot rethink the scheduling. When the sun was behind the clouds everything was great! We ate strawberry lemonade things, did the tomahawk chop, Bryce clapped and squealed with delight, Steven intensely watched the game, and we had a grand ol' time! However, when the sun graced us with its presence poor Bryce was miserable, which led to me being miserable, which made everything miserable. I took Bryce for walks and to the kids section so Blake and Steven could watch the game. We had great seats, right down the first base line and could see everything wonderfully! We did leave in the 8th inning because it was so hot and there were no more clouds. The Braves did win and it was a great ballgame. They came back in the bottom of the ninth with two runs to beat the Phillies!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show Us Your Life: VACATIONS

I long for when our toes our graced with just enough water to get wet.
When sunrises are the most peaceful moments of the day.
So I may lay in the sand and see this!
And this...
And a lot of this....

Our favorite vacation is hard to choose when I dream about what spot would I like to be my favorite. We have been to Mexico, Canada, and I have traveled quite a few other places. However, I crave the beach. It calls to me every year beginning around March and not stopping until late November. I did not grow up in a family who loves the beach. We actually only went to the beach once, Gulf Shores, and we never returned. My parents like traveling and seeing the states. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is just not my type of relaxing. We love the beaches of South Walton, Florida. They are pristine! Gorgeous white beaches, graced with emerald green waters and the water is not deep so the kiddos can play and I can not worry so much.  We try to go every summer but when you vacation with one family the hotels and condos can be pricey.  This summer we have taken mini weekend trips.  It is nice this way because we get just enough.  It is a lot harder now that we have two kids in tow (you just can't pack a bag and run) but I love it just the same. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Hard Knocked Life

Steven has had a rough week. 

mom made him clean his room. 
Should be simple
one would think
until a trophy
fell on his head
not some cheap trophy
but the nice one with the marble bottom.
He's fine, until the blood comes
and then I hear,
"oh i'm bleeding ALOT!"
that's when he turned white
and being mom i knew
we had to hide the blood
or we may have another accident.
applied some pressure
and he is fine
it's just a 1 inch gash
that the ER would just glue.

had a football meeting
budgets have been cut
they need money
no problem
bryce was wonderful and behaved
while we learned how much football players eat.
put down more information and
have to hurry because it is scout meeting night

off to the house to get ready
get your gloves, check
go get the shovel, AHHHH
here he comes holding his hand
he's not crying but i know he wanted to
stung by a wasp
those stupid things.
i hate them and do they have a purpose?
might have to look that up. 
so off to scouts to shovel mulch
with a bum hand.
get home and it looks like a balloon.
benedryll and off to bed

how's a boy supposed to start a new year
with all these ailments already.
he's off to a rough start

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today Steven started 7th Grade! I cannot believe how big my baby is! Bryce is starting a new school year also. Here are my beautiful boys before we left this morning. They look good in green don't they!? I am so happy we will have a routine again! Football being added to the schedule may be better than we thought! Now Steven will have no choice but to do homework when Blake and I are home so hopefully he can't get away with anything. Check out his little pose! We are trying to get rid of all the tshirts he wears to school and be a little bit more fashionable.

Riding Along in my Automobile.........

While waiting this weekend on Blake, I decided to wash the car.  It was disgusting and hadn't been cleaned since we returned from the beach.  I went "all out" and purchased some upgrades.  So after getting into the machine, I was relaxing and playing a little brick breaker when all of the sudden there is a huge thud!  The lady behind me somehow had accelerated in the car wash.  She had no idea what was going on and even opened her door inside the wash.  (it was still running)  These car washes do not like it when a door opens because as soon as she did this alarms started going off and the wash cycle stopped.  I wasn't going to try and get out IN THE WASH so I just waited with my handy dandy notebook for her to pull out.  I was so ready for whoever to pull off and not stop.  The lady was an elderly lady and she seemed just as surprised as I did.  We did the insurance exchange thing and hope to have it fixed within the week.  I think that this will add to the things that will only happen to me list! 
We are all okay.  Bryce was with me but it was not a hard hit.  I would have been an ambulance chasers dream!  OH AND my vehicle is still dirty.  By the time we finished the information stuff Blake's haircut was finished!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Reception and Honeymoon

This week is show us your honeymoon and reception over at Kelly's Korner. Our reception was held at the same place we were married, Quail Creek Golf Resort in Hartselle, AL. It was perfect there because it was secluded yet gorgeous. Of course being in the south, it was HOT.   They had a conference area that we used for the reception.  It was mainly an open room.  We laid out some tables that they had provided along with the white tablecloths.  I had made up some red and orange rose arrangements for the tables and then just sprinkled some wedding confetti on top of it.  Here is me and my Daddy.  This is at the front of the room.  They had this neat armoir at the front and we took a lot of photos there.  This has awful quality but we were shooting behind the real photographer.
I decorated everything myself.  The main tables that held the cakes had red rose petals all over them.  I didn't want anything really fancy, that's just not us, but we did want it to be pretty.  I worked at Cracker Barrel then and found a great deal on Strawberry scented Yankee Candle votives, so the entire room smelled sweet.  Blake's uncle used to be a chef and we asked him if he would make our cakes.  They were so good.  We didn't even make it one year before we ate the top piece.  He told later that it was just a box cake with homemade icing.  Let me tell you that I tried to make it just like he did and nope it did not turn out good.  Here I am trying to get set up.  I already had on my crystal headband by then.  I loved that headband.  I tried to wear it forever that night but Blake made me take it off when we got to our hotel.  Our reception was just a good time.  We had champagne and cake but our guests were able to eat.  It was just great fun.  I would love to get married everyday, that's how much fun we had. 

My parents offered up some hotel points for our hotel at the airport that night.  We had a 6AM flight the next morning.  Our honeymoon was spent in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  I have never felt more at home.  We stayed at the CasaMagna Marriott and it was an all inclusive deal.  They had four restaurants on site that we could choose from plus a chef who would cook homemade omlettes in the morning for us.  Drinks were also included.  We spent most of our time lounging in the infinity pool eating chips and salsa and drinking Pina Surpriso's.  They would hollow out a pinapple and make your drink fresh.  SO YUMMY!  The culture there was great.  It is a really old part of Mexico and the people were so nice.  I never wanted to come home.  Here is our hotel.  It was an open air hotel.  The first floor was completely open with no walls. 
Here we are waiting to check in.   Sorry about the quality, we have come a long way with cameras in four years!
Here is some of the old architecture in the city.  We traveled to the city twice.  We did some shopping and toured some tequilla factories.  It is very different from Alabama for sure!
Here we are eating.  We did a lot of that there.  It was so yummy!  The funny thing is that we ate Japanese food at night quite a bit.  Of course, I had my fair share of Mexican!  I love Mexican food and was in heaven there !
So there you have it!  Our wedding in a small nutshell.  I love my husband so much and cannot believe how lucky I am to have him.  He is so caring not only towards me but Steven and Bryce.  He loves Steven as his own and I can't imagine life without any of them now!  I have loved this series because it truly reminds me how blessed I am in life!  Happy Friday to all you Bloggy Buddies!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sometimes you feel........

Defeated!  I have been personally dealing with some things and sometimes I just feel defeated.  It's hard to feel this way even though I know that things will work out.  The hardest thing for me is to let it go and let God take it.  I know that he will take care of everything and all things happen for a reason.  Even with all the reassurances that God gives us it still leaves me with a defeated feeling. 

On a happier note:  Molly (the young teen in the boating accident) is doing much better than expected.  Please keep the prayers coming.  She is off the ventilator and was hungry and talking to her parents.  I do not know her personally however, I do know her step mother.  This will be a very long road for them so please remember them in your prayers.

Steven starts back to school on Monday.  He is so excited right now because he started real football practice this week.  We are praying for a better year.  I do have a request that my bloggy friends please say a prayer for him to be able to focus better at school and to put forth a great effort.  I have most all of his shopping done except for a few small things.  We have bought clothes throughout the summer and his aunt and grandma also found some great deals on some nice clothes so he is just about set.  All we have to do now is get him in the door. 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Please Pray!

This young girl is from my city and I believe that I know her mother through the vine.  She was severly injured this weekend and is needed everyone to say a prayer for her.  Below is what her story on caring bridge said:
Molly was in a serious boating accident Friday July 31st around midnight. She is suffering many serious injuries and will be in critical condition for quite a while. She is stable but she is on life support for now just so that she wont be struggling to breath. She can do it on her own but they don't want her to work too hard right now. They turned it down some last night and she did great! She was thrown from the boat and was hit by the propellor. She was in surgery around 12 hours and as of right now she has had 50 units of blood and several units of platelets. Her right ankle was crushed but they were able to fix it with screws and plates. Her left leg was severly injured. Her femur was severed in half and all her veins and arteries were too. They had to pin her leg back together but there is only a 10% chance she will be able to keep her leg. Right now there is a pulse in that leg after a really extensive surgery which is great. We still don't know if the blood is flowing through properly though. If it is not they will amputate the leg and she will have a prosthetic. She is really swollen from all of the fluids. They will put a feeding tube in later today to make sure everything is working properly and to give her the nutrients her body needs. We are in the process of setting up a website to make donations. It will be called Miracles for Molly. We are also selling Miracles for Molly bracelets. We have also been told that Life South will hold a blood drive for people to donate blood especially for Molly as she will need a lot more through out this process. She is O+ which means she is universal so ANYONES blood will help. PLEASE keep her and our whole family in your prayers. We feel Molly will do great things and that she will be an inspiration to everyone. She has a very long road to recovery and needs every prayer, and every donation she can get. When I get the website address I will post it on here. Thank you all for your prayers.