Friday, August 7, 2009

Reception and Honeymoon

This week is show us your honeymoon and reception over at Kelly's Korner. Our reception was held at the same place we were married, Quail Creek Golf Resort in Hartselle, AL. It was perfect there because it was secluded yet gorgeous. Of course being in the south, it was HOT.   They had a conference area that we used for the reception.  It was mainly an open room.  We laid out some tables that they had provided along with the white tablecloths.  I had made up some red and orange rose arrangements for the tables and then just sprinkled some wedding confetti on top of it.  Here is me and my Daddy.  This is at the front of the room.  They had this neat armoir at the front and we took a lot of photos there.  This has awful quality but we were shooting behind the real photographer.
I decorated everything myself.  The main tables that held the cakes had red rose petals all over them.  I didn't want anything really fancy, that's just not us, but we did want it to be pretty.  I worked at Cracker Barrel then and found a great deal on Strawberry scented Yankee Candle votives, so the entire room smelled sweet.  Blake's uncle used to be a chef and we asked him if he would make our cakes.  They were so good.  We didn't even make it one year before we ate the top piece.  He told later that it was just a box cake with homemade icing.  Let me tell you that I tried to make it just like he did and nope it did not turn out good.  Here I am trying to get set up.  I already had on my crystal headband by then.  I loved that headband.  I tried to wear it forever that night but Blake made me take it off when we got to our hotel.  Our reception was just a good time.  We had champagne and cake but our guests were able to eat.  It was just great fun.  I would love to get married everyday, that's how much fun we had. 

My parents offered up some hotel points for our hotel at the airport that night.  We had a 6AM flight the next morning.  Our honeymoon was spent in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  I have never felt more at home.  We stayed at the CasaMagna Marriott and it was an all inclusive deal.  They had four restaurants on site that we could choose from plus a chef who would cook homemade omlettes in the morning for us.  Drinks were also included.  We spent most of our time lounging in the infinity pool eating chips and salsa and drinking Pina Surpriso's.  They would hollow out a pinapple and make your drink fresh.  SO YUMMY!  The culture there was great.  It is a really old part of Mexico and the people were so nice.  I never wanted to come home.  Here is our hotel.  It was an open air hotel.  The first floor was completely open with no walls. 
Here we are waiting to check in.   Sorry about the quality, we have come a long way with cameras in four years!
Here is some of the old architecture in the city.  We traveled to the city twice.  We did some shopping and toured some tequilla factories.  It is very different from Alabama for sure!
Here we are eating.  We did a lot of that there.  It was so yummy!  The funny thing is that we ate Japanese food at night quite a bit.  Of course, I had my fair share of Mexican!  I love Mexican food and was in heaven there !
So there you have it!  Our wedding in a small nutshell.  I love my husband so much and cannot believe how lucky I am to have him.  He is so caring not only towards me but Steven and Bryce.  He loves Steven as his own and I can't imagine life without any of them now!  I have loved this series because it truly reminds me how blessed I am in life!  Happy Friday to all you Bloggy Buddies!


Kelly said...

It looks like you had such a great wedding! And your honeymoon must have been wonderful and relaxing.

Rona's Home Page said...

Great photos ~ looks like everyone had a terrific time dancing, eating and enjoying the event.
Your cake was gorgeous and were the flowers.
Your honeymoon looks like fun too.