Monday, August 10, 2009

Riding Along in my Automobile.........

While waiting this weekend on Blake, I decided to wash the car.  It was disgusting and hadn't been cleaned since we returned from the beach.  I went "all out" and purchased some upgrades.  So after getting into the machine, I was relaxing and playing a little brick breaker when all of the sudden there is a huge thud!  The lady behind me somehow had accelerated in the car wash.  She had no idea what was going on and even opened her door inside the wash.  (it was still running)  These car washes do not like it when a door opens because as soon as she did this alarms started going off and the wash cycle stopped.  I wasn't going to try and get out IN THE WASH so I just waited with my handy dandy notebook for her to pull out.  I was so ready for whoever to pull off and not stop.  The lady was an elderly lady and she seemed just as surprised as I did.  We did the insurance exchange thing and hope to have it fixed within the week.  I think that this will add to the things that will only happen to me list! 
We are all okay.  Bryce was with me but it was not a hard hit.  I would have been an ambulance chasers dream!  OH AND my vehicle is still dirty.  By the time we finished the information stuff Blake's haircut was finished!