Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Hard Knocked Life

Steven has had a rough week. 

mom made him clean his room. 
Should be simple
one would think
until a trophy
fell on his head
not some cheap trophy
but the nice one with the marble bottom.
He's fine, until the blood comes
and then I hear,
"oh i'm bleeding ALOT!"
that's when he turned white
and being mom i knew
we had to hide the blood
or we may have another accident.
applied some pressure
and he is fine
it's just a 1 inch gash
that the ER would just glue.

had a football meeting
budgets have been cut
they need money
no problem
bryce was wonderful and behaved
while we learned how much football players eat.
put down more information and
have to hurry because it is scout meeting night

off to the house to get ready
get your gloves, check
go get the shovel, AHHHH
here he comes holding his hand
he's not crying but i know he wanted to
stung by a wasp
those stupid things.
i hate them and do they have a purpose?
might have to look that up. 
so off to scouts to shovel mulch
with a bum hand.
get home and it looks like a balloon.
benedryll and off to bed

how's a boy supposed to start a new year
with all these ailments already.
he's off to a rough start


*Jill* said...

oh no poor Steven!! that is a horrible way to start a new year!

BTW, wasps' purpose = pollination so we have food ;)

Lauren said...

Poor guy! Well, just think of it as he is getting all this stuff out of the way at the beginning so that the rest of the year can be ailment free!