Monday, August 17, 2009

A hot and tired weekend!

I don't think that I have ever been more ready for the rain from the almost hurricane to come! It is August in the south which means only about one thing: HEAT! Now there is a difference from being hot and living in the humid south during August. It is so miserable that it makes nothing outside enjoyable. PLUS, to top it off we have a wasp infestation taking over our backyard. I will think to myself (never out loud) let's take the boys outside and then I go towards the door and open the curtain and what do I see??? A MILLION WASPS EVERYWHERE! I am talking they are hovering the ground and waiting for some idiot to walk outside. There was one even munching on some unlucky bug right in front of the back door! So, we have been chillin in the house and trying to find fun things for our weekends.

This weekend was a little different because months ago, I was suckered into a sales deal. I have a heart for salesmen who have to make blind calls on people. This guy came to our work and he had a braves packet. You would get 4 free tickets and 8 BOGO's. This was not a bad deal because you choose where you want to sit starting terrace level and going up. The terrace is shaded he said and great for the kids and are really good seats! Steven has never seen the Braves and I haven't been since before the Olympics changed everything so I bought it. You had to send off to get seats, it was really quick had the tickets in one week! We decided after Steven started school would be a great time so that we may have a mini vacay in a weekend. We loaded up on Saturday and headed to Atlanta. My BIL works for a hotel so we were able to take advantage of his room rate at a hotel within walking distance to the stadium. I shouldn't complain but the hotel had really poor service this time. We had stayed there about 2 years ago and they were fabulous and didn't think anything would have changed. Well let me tell you I knew it was going to be bad when we checked in and she said that I had reserved smoking! WE DO NOT SMOKE and everyone knows that for non smokers that a smoking room is awful! I told her that there was no way of this because I have the children and would never book a room with the kids in smoking. Being a forgetful person I had left the reservations on my kitchen table so I had no proof and they were all booked so there was not much else to do! Then you have to have a card from the hotel you work at and we left that in the car so Blake had to go get that. Then we get in the room which STANK and I can't understand why they even allow smoking in hotel rooms was very spacious but I had requested a pullout for Steven and it wasn't there either. This is not a huge deal but I hate to have a bed and him sleep in the floor. Next, I had Steven call before we left for the game for extra pillows. We get back, no pillows. He calls down and asks again. 2 Hours later, no pillows. Being an almost teen (which means that he is grown up, DUH) he went to the front desk because we were ready for bed and they told him that they would bring them right up. So about an hour later we passed out and I had given my pillow to Steven. I still had one but it was the smallest one and I think it was mainly decoration! Being that it was an employee rate I did not want to fuss too much but still simple customer service people! We gave them more than enough time (8 hours+) but whatever be thankful for what I do have.

The ballgame was H O T! Whoever schedules a ball game at 4pm in the South should be shot rethink the scheduling. When the sun was behind the clouds everything was great! We ate strawberry lemonade things, did the tomahawk chop, Bryce clapped and squealed with delight, Steven intensely watched the game, and we had a grand ol' time! However, when the sun graced us with its presence poor Bryce was miserable, which led to me being miserable, which made everything miserable. I took Bryce for walks and to the kids section so Blake and Steven could watch the game. We had great seats, right down the first base line and could see everything wonderfully! We did leave in the 8th inning because it was so hot and there were no more clouds. The Braves did win and it was a great ballgame. They came back in the bottom of the ninth with two runs to beat the Phillies!


Deb said...

Go Braves!

But I so agree with you. Who schedules sports events?

In the afternoon.

In the summer.

In Alabama.


Glad that you survived.

And wasn't today's weather wonderful!

Hope you get rid of the wasps and have a great week.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams.