Friday, July 31, 2009

I take you as my husband....till death do us part!

I decided to participate in Kelly's Korner Show Us your Life.  This week was wedding party, flowers, and ceremony.  Let me just tell you this is right up my alley!  I loved planning my wedding.  I was no bridezilla or anything just a girl on a budget trying to have the wedding of my dreams.  After Blake asked me to marry him, mom and I set out to David's Bridal to look at dresses.  I found my dream dress there and to top it off it was only $100!  It was very me, simple yet pretty.  There were some crystals and beading that went around my neck but the rest was just a gorgeous satin with a sheer train.  I chose not to wear a veil because of my short hair.  We were married on July 22, 2005, so yes we did just celebrate our 4th anni!  I planned everything myself.  We married at Quail Creek Golf Course in Hartselle, AL.  They now have a motel and chapel since we wedded.  It was gorgeous but hot.  We do live in the south!  I love pink and Blake wanted red roses also so my flowers were mixed with that.  I made all my bridesmaid's bouquets from fake flowers so that they could keep them.  We had a simple ceremony with traditional music.  Cannon in D, Trumpets, and the wedding march played by cd!  My pastor since I was 5 married us.  He was like a second grandfather.  Our ceremony only lasted 15 minutes without any tears only HUGE smiles.  We were made fun of because we were smiling so much.  What can i say?  I love him!

Here is our wedding party.  My best friend Jennifer (Bitty to me) was my Matron of Honor and my sister was maid of honor, and another best friend Krissy was a bridesmaid.  This was a difficult part to me because my other best friend was  a guy and I hated not involving him.  After watching Man of Honor I should have just put him right next to the girls!  Steven(my son) was ring bearer and boy was he handsome!  Blake's Brother was Best Man and he had 3 other really good friends as groomsmen.  My daddy walked me down the aisle.  I  decorated the front, it was a simple arch and I found fake orange and red roses to weave into it.  I thought it turned out really good.  The candles should have been lit but it was a little windy that day.  Those vases now sit on my mantle.  I think that next week is the reception and that was just as fun as the wedding!
P.S. Sorry the pictures look so awful, they were scanned in the computer many years ago!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steven's going to his first Show!!!

I bought Steven tickets to Green Day this year for his birthday.  They are his favorite band and has like them for many years.  This will be his first show for something that he wants to go to.  I have taken him to see Phil Lesh and Friends, the Allman Brothers, and moe. but this is a big deal because he REALLY likes them.  Luckily my brother likes them too because I got him a ticket to be the responsible adult that's not your mom!  HA  He will love it.  They leave tomorrow to go to Nashville for this shin dig.  When he gets back there will only be one more week before dreaded school starts.  I am looking forward to a better year and I think that he is too!(i sure hope so)

Ode to a Pen

I love pens.  Actually I love office supplies.  There is nothing like walking into Staples or Office Depot to find supplies for school or work.  When the guys need things at work I jump at the chance to go so that I may browse the new supplies that have been created.   The latest and greatest is the Sharpie Pen!  Oh my they write so sweet and smooth.  They don't bleed through the paper and I can have my fine point too!  Call my a supply dork but there's nothing like finding that pen that you love so much.  AND don't even think about stealing my pens because I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've Been Busy

We snuck away last Friday to Destin for the weekend.  It was wonderful and we had a great time but the little man had a cough.  Well the cough never got better and now he has some sort of virus.  We are doing an antibiotic just in case it's bacterial.  On the flip side, he is potty trained.  Lord, thank You for your mercy!  He has not had an accident in a couple of days.  I really don't understand why it was so much easier this time but I am not complaining! 

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Great Birthday!!!

I love having a birthday in the middle of the summer! The other really cool thing is that I always get Gone with the Wind ornaments during the summer! Hallmark has always had a collection of these ornaments and forever I have been receiving them for my birthday. I love this movie it is my all time favorite! These are the two ornaments I received this year. I love the one in the door because it talks. It has Rhett give his speech where he tells Scarlett, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" I have a whole section of my christmas tree that is dedicated to these!

My mom also got me the Wii Active!  Wow I never knew how hard a video game could be.  I have only done this once but it has my legs hurting!  My birthday was great!  My brother came over and cooked a brisquet for me and we an outside dinner with family.  I haven't had a birthday this good since I don't remember when!  Next year I turn 30!  The last ten years have flown by! 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Have Started!!!

My plan was to stop the paci this week since Bryce has such an attachment to it sometimes.  As soon as I started to think about it, he decided he wanted to do something else!  We have started potty training and he is doing great!  We haven't accomplished #2 yet but he completely goes #1 in the potty and he is so proud!  I cannot believe my baby is growing up so fast!  The next test will be day care, since we are starting back to school tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Vacation

Monday, July 13, 2009

What day is it??

We are still around but really just enjoying our vacation.  It is so nice not to have a schedule and just be a family with no outside problems!  I LOVE IT!  Sorry no pictures at this time I left it at mom's. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day at work for a whole week and I cannot wait!  Bryce, Steven, and I plan on chilling out in the pool all week.  Blake and my brother Michael are mending our privacy fence this week so we have to be scarce at home. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



MckLinky Blog Hop

I go see Thomas!

Tonight we are taking Bryce to go see Thomas Live at the VBC in Huntsville.  I did not tell him about it until last night and he has been super cute since then.  It started this morning when Blake went upstairs to get him ready this morning.  As soon as Blake got to the crib, Bryce stood up and whispered with his hands around his mouth, "I go see Thomas"!  It was so sweet.  He came downstairs and I asked him what he wanted to wear today and he said his Thomas shirt.  He is so excited and did not want to go to school today or anything! 

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth everyone! We have had a great weekend. We have not done anything but just be together! We have also been swimming these last two days! Bryce has turned into a little fish already. Dena had bought him a float from Wal-Mart called a puddle jumper. It has little arm floaties but also has a floatie around the stomach. It helps to keep them level. Floaties alone sometimes they kinda sink in the middle. Well Bryce has a great sense of security because this boy has no fear of water at all! Which is good considering the whole family loves the water. Steven was the same way when he was little. He was only about two weeks old the first time he swam. Bryce, Steven, Brandon, and Daddy all took turns jumping in the water on Friday and by Saturday the daredevil was jumping off the diving board. He also will swim underwater without the float but has no idea why he doesn't stay up! We keep the float on at all times! He scared Daddy to death on Friday and just float, no worries! Thankfully Blake was right next to him and went right after. Bryce loved it....Daddy not so much! :) Saturday was much of the same. Swimming, naptime, and then FIREWORKS! Woo hoo we love fireworks but do not like a lot of people because my little two year old is rambunctious! He likes to run and being around a lot of people could not be enjoyable for Blake and me. So Blake's work is right down the street from Bridge Street so we parked in the parking lot, got out the trusty outdoor blanket, and we watched with one other vehicle(who happened to give the boys popsicles). It was great! There was a breeze and it was not bad weather wise. The boys loved watching and Bryce was able to just have space where he could wander and be watched. The fireworks were great! I do wish that we lived somewhere they had huge shows but tonight was so great! The kids will be too old to enjoy this family time soon. Steven turns 13 next year! AHHHH! Anyway I digress.... Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep our country free!  IHere are some pictures!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do you remember the time?

I had to do something for MJ.  I know that he has a shady past but I grew up listening to him.  Even my dad had the Thiller album.  He truly did change music and opened a lot of doors for artists.  I can only imagine what his upcoming tour would have been!  What a tragedy!  So when my kids ask me if I remember when MJ died I can honestly say Yes!