Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth everyone! We have had a great weekend. We have not done anything but just be together! We have also been swimming these last two days! Bryce has turned into a little fish already. Dena had bought him a float from Wal-Mart called a puddle jumper. It has little arm floaties but also has a floatie around the stomach. It helps to keep them level. Floaties alone sometimes they kinda sink in the middle. Well Bryce has a great sense of security because this boy has no fear of water at all! Which is good considering the whole family loves the water. Steven was the same way when he was little. He was only about two weeks old the first time he swam. Bryce, Steven, Brandon, and Daddy all took turns jumping in the water on Friday and by Saturday the daredevil was jumping off the diving board. He also will swim underwater without the float but has no idea why he doesn't stay up! We keep the float on at all times! He scared Daddy to death on Friday and just float, no worries! Thankfully Blake was right next to him and went right after. Bryce loved it....Daddy not so much! :) Saturday was much of the same. Swimming, naptime, and then FIREWORKS! Woo hoo we love fireworks but do not like a lot of people because my little two year old is rambunctious! He likes to run and being around a lot of people could not be enjoyable for Blake and me. So Blake's work is right down the street from Bridge Street so we parked in the parking lot, got out the trusty outdoor blanket, and we watched with one other vehicle(who happened to give the boys popsicles). It was great! There was a breeze and it was not bad weather wise. The boys loved watching and Bryce was able to just have space where he could wander and be watched. The fireworks were great! I do wish that we lived somewhere they had huge shows but tonight was so great! The kids will be too old to enjoy this family time soon. Steven turns 13 next year! AHHHH! Anyway I digress.... Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep our country free!  IHere are some pictures!