Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where is my canon?

I have not been a good photographer lately either.  I have been relying on my iPhone to take pictures and boy does it stink in the quality department.  I am always looking for things to do with Bryce and we go to the library quite often.  One week they had a teddy bear sleepover.  We all came in our jammies and brought an animal to leave for a slumber party.  We had a night time snack and made some crafts and of course read some books. 

Our children's librarian is awesome and she really gets the kids attention.  She works really hard on all of the activities.

When we came back the next day we found pictures of what the animals did at night.  They played in the elevator, had story time, and was caught sliding down the stair rail.  Silly animals.  It was a treat for Bryce.  And yes, that is gum in his mouth.  His does really well with it other than he wants it all the time. 

A couple of days later we found out that the ships of Christopher Columbus would be docking in Decatur for some great BBQ.  It is something that we are known for here and it lures people all the time to our city.  Of course the Nina and Pinta look like pirate ships to the Bman so off we headed down to the dock.  We would of loved to look around but they had the dock blocked off.  Bryce was happy enough to just look at them and see how big they were.  They look really big but I cannot imagine what riding them in 1492 with at least two dozen people would have been like, other than stinky and gross.   

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plants, Plans, and such

While playing in the garage the other day and we found a couple things that we hadn't used and wouldn't need until next spring. Since I didn't have the receipts I took them back for store credit. I was able to load up on dollar deals on mums and then I found two little gems for the house. Blake loves indoor plants, me not so much. But when I saw these two plants for $1 and $3 I just couldn't resist. Aren't they cute and low maintenance too!

We seem to keep getting busier and busier as the years move on. I have no idea how I ever worked and kept the house up. Well, I guess I really didn't keep it up like it should have been. It is some hard work and my boy is a wild one. He stays engaged constantly. I have so many ideas but no time to do them. Someday I hope to figure out time and having a toddler. Next year he needs to be in school at least four days. So hopefully then. Who knows?! I did start my flag spinning class. I currently have five girls signed up for that and hopefully we will just keep growing! I hope to incorporate all the high schools into my program to make their transition to high school band seamless. I do have two cakes that I am making in the next 3 weeks, please pray for me! They do not look hard but they will be my tell tale of if this is something that I can do or not. Ok, and I still have to try to put together a coupon class around football season! AHHHHH

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We were blessed to be given a years tuition to our church's preschool this year.  It is only two days a week for 4 hours but such a great blessing.  Bryce was not too excited but when I walked him in today he was ready for me to leave!  They were even going skating today and he didn't want me to go with them.  He's a heartbreaker but I love him.  Mr. Independent! 

On another note, I bought 3 boxes of hair color, some crest toothpaste, and a pack of bubblegum today and spent $.33!  I was ecstatic!  You have to love it when you score some deals!

Now onto a more serene moment....Today Thad Montgomery would have turned 30.  He passed in January fighting for our freedom.  Take a minute to remember his family today.  While he is in a better place, it is still hard for those left here on Earth.  Such a great soul!  He touched so many in his 29 years!  Happy Birthday Old Friend, keep on watching us! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alabama Penn State!

Blake was given a pair of tickets for the Alabama Penn State game this past weekend.  He has never been to a game and I have only been to two.  Well, this was the game for Blake to get started on!  It was amazing!  We were in the nosebleed but even there you can see very well.  We were underneath an awning also and it really helped because we did get a touch of rain during the game.  I have to give some kudos to Anna and David, without them we may have never known how to park!  Plus, David had scoped out a prime piece of land for us.  We were 2 blocks from the quad so we were good.  It was crazy this weekend and we could barely walk around to see anything.  Then it started to rain, and I mean pour.  We headed back to the car for just a little while for some rest and dryness before the game started!  I had to show Blake the Walk of Champions and some of the neat stuff at the entrance of the stadium. 

 We took our picture with the Bear.  It was his birthday. 

We cheered for our boys. 

I watched the band like a dork and loved it!  I am glad I like football but I love the band!  You don't get to see how great they are on tv.  The Million Dollar Band is the reason I wanted to be in marching band.

We had such a great time and of course the Tide pulled it through.  I was truly surprised at the amount of Penn State fans.  I did witness one of the main reasons I love the south.  As we walked towards the stadium we were behind a group of about 10 Penn State fans.  They were younger than us and looked like they were there to have fun.  This man who had to be in his 50's made sure to go over to them and welcome them to Tuscaloosa.  It was great.  I know people sometimes think we are a little too involved in our teams here in the south but this just made my day.  I do believe Coach Saban even commented after the game that the Bama fans welcomed Paterno and all his fans graciously! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Awesome Day!

I had an awesome day.  Bryce was Mr. Incredible all morning.  I talked him into an early nap around 1130 because we had a busy evening ahead of us.  I slept too and it was great.  I had a flu shot yesterday and I had been dragging ever since.  I taught my first Flag class tonight.  It was so much fun and I have 3 girls who are so excited about flag.  I know your thinking, wow true band geek.  Oh yeah, I was and I loved band.  It was fun and something that I was good at.  I was just as excited tonight as I was in 9th  grade. 

Okay, so then we run to Steven's game.  He was put in tonight!  I was again super excited jumped up and watched him take someone down!  Thanks to the awesome person for the picture!  They know who they are!  It is the best picture ever!!!

The next awesome news is this little boys story!  He is a little guy battling a huge disease!  Read about him here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sipsey Hike

We are constantly looking for things for the boys to do that keeps them busy and we finally believe that Bryce is old enough for hiking. He was super cute and loved it. Until he got tired then it was I wanna go home. The trails were not too hard and everyone worked up a sweat. Poor Steven though, he is used to hiking like 10 miles and with a toddler, we made it like a mile!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Are you ready for some football!?

Botanical Gardens

Way back when, I think maybe even April, we purchased some Rick and Bubba reward tickets to the botanical gardens in Huntsville. They are wrapping up a tree house exhibit, which involves many professionally built tree houses. When were blessed even more to find out that the Scarecrow Trail had begun also! The tree houses were amazing and for Bryce this is the life. He is not one for strollers and being still and he can run in places like this! We even saw some butterflies.

Super excited!

I am going to make this!  I am super excited!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Has anyone had this problem?

I am having the hardest time getting my photos uploaded. They keep saying server rejected! It is so frustrating! Has anyone else had this problem? I have so much to share and not anything to show! Ugh!