Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plants, Plans, and such

While playing in the garage the other day and we found a couple things that we hadn't used and wouldn't need until next spring. Since I didn't have the receipts I took them back for store credit. I was able to load up on dollar deals on mums and then I found two little gems for the house. Blake loves indoor plants, me not so much. But when I saw these two plants for $1 and $3 I just couldn't resist. Aren't they cute and low maintenance too!

We seem to keep getting busier and busier as the years move on. I have no idea how I ever worked and kept the house up. Well, I guess I really didn't keep it up like it should have been. It is some hard work and my boy is a wild one. He stays engaged constantly. I have so many ideas but no time to do them. Someday I hope to figure out time and having a toddler. Next year he needs to be in school at least four days. So hopefully then. Who knows?! I did start my flag spinning class. I currently have five girls signed up for that and hopefully we will just keep growing! I hope to incorporate all the high schools into my program to make their transition to high school band seamless. I do have two cakes that I am making in the next 3 weeks, please pray for me! They do not look hard but they will be my tell tale of if this is something that I can do or not. Ok, and I still have to try to put together a coupon class around football season! AHHHHH