Monday, September 13, 2010

Alabama Penn State!

Blake was given a pair of tickets for the Alabama Penn State game this past weekend.  He has never been to a game and I have only been to two.  Well, this was the game for Blake to get started on!  It was amazing!  We were in the nosebleed but even there you can see very well.  We were underneath an awning also and it really helped because we did get a touch of rain during the game.  I have to give some kudos to Anna and David, without them we may have never known how to park!  Plus, David had scoped out a prime piece of land for us.  We were 2 blocks from the quad so we were good.  It was crazy this weekend and we could barely walk around to see anything.  Then it started to rain, and I mean pour.  We headed back to the car for just a little while for some rest and dryness before the game started!  I had to show Blake the Walk of Champions and some of the neat stuff at the entrance of the stadium. 

 We took our picture with the Bear.  It was his birthday. 

We cheered for our boys. 

I watched the band like a dork and loved it!  I am glad I like football but I love the band!  You don't get to see how great they are on tv.  The Million Dollar Band is the reason I wanted to be in marching band.

We had such a great time and of course the Tide pulled it through.  I was truly surprised at the amount of Penn State fans.  I did witness one of the main reasons I love the south.  As we walked towards the stadium we were behind a group of about 10 Penn State fans.  They were younger than us and looked like they were there to have fun.  This man who had to be in his 50's made sure to go over to them and welcome them to Tuscaloosa.  It was great.  I know people sometimes think we are a little too involved in our teams here in the south but this just made my day.  I do believe Coach Saban even commented after the game that the Bama fans welcomed Paterno and all his fans graciously! 


Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

We are going to AU for their next one. It will be my hubby's first time on the plains. =) Glad you guys enjoyed a game! Great game for yall to attend!

Jessica said...

roll tide!