Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where is my canon?

I have not been a good photographer lately either.  I have been relying on my iPhone to take pictures and boy does it stink in the quality department.  I am always looking for things to do with Bryce and we go to the library quite often.  One week they had a teddy bear sleepover.  We all came in our jammies and brought an animal to leave for a slumber party.  We had a night time snack and made some crafts and of course read some books. 

Our children's librarian is awesome and she really gets the kids attention.  She works really hard on all of the activities.

When we came back the next day we found pictures of what the animals did at night.  They played in the elevator, had story time, and was caught sliding down the stair rail.  Silly animals.  It was a treat for Bryce.  And yes, that is gum in his mouth.  His does really well with it other than he wants it all the time. 

A couple of days later we found out that the ships of Christopher Columbus would be docking in Decatur for some great BBQ.  It is something that we are known for here and it lures people all the time to our city.  Of course the Nina and Pinta look like pirate ships to the Bman so off we headed down to the dock.  We would of loved to look around but they had the dock blocked off.  Bryce was happy enough to just look at them and see how big they were.  They look really big but I cannot imagine what riding them in 1492 with at least two dozen people would have been like, other than stinky and gross.   


Tiffany Lockette said...

How neat that your library does that. I should look into our library and see what they do for kids. He is such a cutie!!

Jessica said...

My kids are justing starting to like the library, I can't wait to do all of this fun stuff with them.