Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We were blessed to be given a years tuition to our church's preschool this year.  It is only two days a week for 4 hours but such a great blessing.  Bryce was not too excited but when I walked him in today he was ready for me to leave!  They were even going skating today and he didn't want me to go with them.  He's a heartbreaker but I love him.  Mr. Independent! 

On another note, I bought 3 boxes of hair color, some crest toothpaste, and a pack of bubblegum today and spent $.33!  I was ecstatic!  You have to love it when you score some deals!

Now onto a more serene moment....Today Thad Montgomery would have turned 30.  He passed in January fighting for our freedom.  Take a minute to remember his family today.  While he is in a better place, it is still hard for those left here on Earth.  Such a great soul!  He touched so many in his 29 years!  Happy Birthday Old Friend, keep on watching us!