Sunday, August 2, 2009

Please Pray!

This young girl is from my city and I believe that I know her mother through the vine.  She was severly injured this weekend and is needed everyone to say a prayer for her.  Below is what her story on caring bridge said:
Molly was in a serious boating accident Friday July 31st around midnight. She is suffering many serious injuries and will be in critical condition for quite a while. She is stable but she is on life support for now just so that she wont be struggling to breath. She can do it on her own but they don't want her to work too hard right now. They turned it down some last night and she did great! She was thrown from the boat and was hit by the propellor. She was in surgery around 12 hours and as of right now she has had 50 units of blood and several units of platelets. Her right ankle was crushed but they were able to fix it with screws and plates. Her left leg was severly injured. Her femur was severed in half and all her veins and arteries were too. They had to pin her leg back together but there is only a 10% chance she will be able to keep her leg. Right now there is a pulse in that leg after a really extensive surgery which is great. We still don't know if the blood is flowing through properly though. If it is not they will amputate the leg and she will have a prosthetic. She is really swollen from all of the fluids. They will put a feeding tube in later today to make sure everything is working properly and to give her the nutrients her body needs. We are in the process of setting up a website to make donations. It will be called Miracles for Molly. We are also selling Miracles for Molly bracelets. We have also been told that Life South will hold a blood drive for people to donate blood especially for Molly as she will need a lot more through out this process. She is O+ which means she is universal so ANYONES blood will help. PLEASE keep her and our whole family in your prayers. We feel Molly will do great things and that she will be an inspiration to everyone. She has a very long road to recovery and needs every prayer, and every donation she can get. When I get the website address I will post it on here. Thank you all for your prayers.