Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sometimes you feel........

Defeated!  I have been personally dealing with some things and sometimes I just feel defeated.  It's hard to feel this way even though I know that things will work out.  The hardest thing for me is to let it go and let God take it.  I know that he will take care of everything and all things happen for a reason.  Even with all the reassurances that God gives us it still leaves me with a defeated feeling. 

On a happier note:  Molly (the young teen in the boating accident) is doing much better than expected.  Please keep the prayers coming.  She is off the ventilator and was hungry and talking to her parents.  I do not know her personally however, I do know her step mother.  This will be a very long road for them so please remember them in your prayers.

Steven starts back to school on Monday.  He is so excited right now because he started real football practice this week.  We are praying for a better year.  I do have a request that my bloggy friends please say a prayer for him to be able to focus better at school and to put forth a great effort.  I have most all of his shopping done except for a few small things.  We have bought clothes throughout the summer and his aunt and grandma also found some great deals on some nice clothes so he is just about set.  All we have to do now is get him in the door. 


Deb said...

I've been there. Feeling defeated.
And wondering. Where's God?

He's still there. In your heart. He hasn't left you. Promised never to abandon you. No matter what.

He loves you with an everlasting love. You know that already, but at times it helps to have someone remind us.

He can handle the situation. And our emotions.

By the way, I like your last name.

Sweet dreams.