Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

 It's Jubilee Weekend and I am selling the tshirts for the Jubilee committee.  The Boy Scout troop is the allowed to come in and sell the shirts for them and in turn they give us a profit of the sales.  The troop committee then adds this profit up and we keep 50% for the troop fund and the other 50% is dispersed to the boys according to who works and how long.  That way they make money to help pay for their trips like camp, SCUBA DIVING, and ski trips!  The money for the troop pays for their groceries when they go, all their awards, and small things for troop fees.  It is so much fun and I have always loved this festival.  It starts at the crack of dawn but it is a whirlwind weekend.  Even if it rains it makes it that much better when you get good weather!

 Aunt Helene and Uncle Keith are here too!  WOO HOO!  Helene is so awesome and I love it when she is here.  Friday I kept my nephew and took all three of the boys swimming with Dena until they got home.  Dena and I had a picnic for them and it was awesome.  After H and K had lunch with some friends they were home too and we got to hang out for a while too. 

Bryce is being baptized tomorrow and I am super excited.  Remember us friends!  Please remember the real reason of this weekend.  Rip my friends who have given all!  Happy Memorial Weekend!