Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steven's 13th Birthday Party

I cannot believe that my first born will be thirteen in a few short days!  Due to scheduling we went ahead and had his party this past weekend and boy was it fun, even though we felt like we had decided to play on the Equator!  Boy was it HOT!  I started to melt upon opening the door to the car.  Steven invited the scout troop and some friends from school/church.  They had a total of 15 players and some cheerleaders on the sidelines.  I have never been to paintball or even seen a paintball field, so this was a new experience for me.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it thoroughly and we even sold a few more birthday parties while we were there.  Steven has been showing me his battle bruises for the last 3 days.  Seems like the adults who played all were trying to hit Steven!  AWESOME!  Forget birthday spankings, this is the way to go!  I was eaten alive by mosquitoes while there and Bryce was even allowed to shoot a gun.  I was thinking normal party hours and had a mother come at 330 thinking we would be finished by 4.  Well, no such luck there.  The boys just kept wanting to play.  It was so much fun and I didn't even play.  We also had one big birthday party rather than separate ones between his dad's family and my family.  It was so nice to have us all together.  Well, off to pictures!