Sunday, May 9, 2010

My best friends shower!

This past Saturday I hosted a shower for my best friend and his wife. We were showering them with gifts for Baby Liam who is set to make an appearance in late August. We had to plan this in the month of May so that one of the other sisters would be here. You see, Scott is an only child. He is just one of those guys who, so happens, to have a few really close girl friends. We all claim to be a family in our own little way. The best part was that after a couple years of us being apart we were all together, as we should have been. The passing of a great friend in January reminded me how important our friends are and Scott is truly one special friend of mine! We had a great turnout and had fun for all ages. We had babies in pools, teens playing X-Box, and adults having great conversations! I have to thank my fellow hosts Becky and Chad! Without them we wouldn't have pulled all of this together. I also have to thank Becky's mom, Pam. She made some wonderful dishes and had everyone in awe of her culinary skills! I love to serve and host and this was just great for me. We hope to have everyone get together more often, if we can just get Becky to move back to Bama!

Becky and Lauren chowing down on some of Chad's dip.

Scott loving on his wife, in his own way!

The Haul!

I made the cake all by myself!

One of the coolest gifts from Manda's parents