Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy Sunday Afternoon!


We had been gearing up for our weekend that was supposed to be covered in rain.  We waited to plant some more color in our front flower bed until Sunday because it was supposed to rain all weekend.  When I hear that i think…All Weekend.  Like in all day both days.  We held off on doing anything on Saturday due to a wedding and the supposed rain.  So, Sunday morning we got up and starting planting.  Boy it was like a wet towel outside.  (note to self…the humidity is back)  We worked hard and had everything done with very few sprinkles.  Steven had a band concert at 2, so we laid Bryce down and hoped he would nap after we all had our showers.  Concert was fabulous!  ( no pics, sorry it was pouring by then)  We could hear Steven very well.  We did sit underneath a roof leak so we were a little moist when we left!  After we got home, we had to do something to entertain the little guy.   My sister is letting us use some of her potato heads for the time being.  Bryce loves these little guys! 

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As you can see we have quite the array of different taters!  We keep them in one big bucket so even clean up is a cinch!  Steven got home and Bryce was super excited! 

We are back at the grind today.  Steven did really good getting up and going.  Bryce did good until Blake walked him in and then the tears started flowing.  (still adjusting to the new school)  He was calm and collected when I phoned in and checked on him.  How about you guys?  How was everyone’s weekend?



Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

Weekend was so dreary! I am sure Bryce will adjust soon. When we changed schools it took about a week and then my big girl didn't even notice us leaving. LOL!

Hattie said...

Wish we had some rain down here in SE TX; we could use it. I so need to add some color to our front yard too, but I kill everything. My boys love Mr. Potato head. Love the pics from Bryce's birthday too! So cute!!!