Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stream of thoughts......

It's Wednesday! Thank goodness! I am ready for the weekend already. This weekend we are celebrating Steven's birthday! YAY! I can't wait nor can I believe that boy will be 13. We haven't been doing too much this week. I am busy trying to get the tshirt sales together for the Alabama Jubilee! It is such a neat weekend where we live and it always finishes up with some fireworks, which is a favorite of our boys! While we are not exciting, I did find two pictures that I just thought were hilarious!

This is an ongoing joke in our house. Blake is not supposed to touch the laundry. He has no skills in this department and after our clothes has become different colors and sizes, we only allow me in my laundry room.
I just think this is hilarious! Have you ever watched these people. God love them because they are at least the most real of the reality shows. These people are so much fun that I just couldn't resist at least one episode!

Have a great Wednesday!


Hattie said...

Doesn't feel crazy to say you're going to have a teenager. I'm still not used to it and Jonathan turned 13 last Nov. I love Jersey Shore! Those pics are too funny!