Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Our kids names!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today over at Kelly's Korner we are discussing our children's names and how we came to these decisions or what we would want to name children. I love thinking about things like this and I am always thinking about it. My first one was not too hard. I had narrowed it down to two different names. Blake Christopher(which is my hubs name now, He is not Steven's father) or Steven Mathieu. I liked Blake Christopher because it just sounds nice together but Steven means crowned and Matthieu means gift of God. Well, being so young I truly felt like he totally was a gift from God.(as they all are) Steven was also the name of Gare's uncle who, at the time, was serving our country in Iraq. Gare looks just like Steve to the point that you cannot tell them apart sometimes from behind. Steve is a great man and a wonderful role model. Steven truly loves to be his namesake.

Bryce is a completely different story. We had such a hard time with his name. I really wanted to keep his initials the same as his daddy. BCC Well, Blake wanted to name him Dominic. I just couldn't do it. It felt odd to me and foreign and we could never agree. Then somehow he found the name Bryce and it was perfect. His middle name is Christopher just like his daddy. I still look at him and think 'hmmm Dominic?' Still doesn't fit! Thank goodness!

For girls names: I am a Gone with the Wind freak and would love to have a little girl named Katie Scarlett or Scarlett Elizabeth. I love the name Elizabeth and it seems so strong. But I also love the name Emma. Emma is also one of Blake's great aunts. I am sure if and when the time comes we will pick something completely different but those are it for now.


Little Mrs. P said...

I love Gone with the Wind too. Scarlet is such a cute name for a little girl!