Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun Weekend

This past weekend was my off weekend for the month. We started back the last weekend of April with Birthday parties, weddings, showers, more parties, and we even have the jubilee weekend this coming weekend. So, I was protesting any type of activity this last weekend that did not include water. Now, while you think I was being oh so lazy, I promise I wasn't all that lazy. I did get up and rake up a pile of wet leaves around a tree and weeded the ol' flowerbed for the 14th hundred time already this year. We also picked a ton of mulberries off of our mulberry tree. Since I made myself feel better about my wet weekend, I will tell you now that I did nothing else after that. We went to the pool on Saturday and Sunday and on Sunday my nephew and his folks were there also. But after only swimming for about an hour on Sunday, all the other adults were ready to go. So, I protested and kidnapped my nephew and kept the kids and boy we had so much fun!

We played photo shoot.

Bronson is really good at photo shoot. I always tell him that he is my best model.

We drank Kool Aid by the pool.

Lounged with Dad!

Played boat with cousin and brother.

Swam to our little hearts' desire.

And made some teenager looking faces.

Oh yeah, and Bryce was able to meet the ice cream truck for the first time. Steven was at a swim party!