Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still having fun!

We have been having a ton of fun this week just checking out all the new birthday gifts.  The boys had a bike ride around the kitchen and living room which turned into a full fledged race!  It was hilarious.  We play a ton of Buzz Lightyear while the movie plays in the background.  We paint, use chalk, and play with crayons.  It's nice to have a ton to do in the house.  The weather has not been ideal lately so we have been inside after work. 

Steven had a dance Friday night.  He had a date and all.  The girl wanted to meet at the dance so no chance to take pictures but they did take some at the dance.  I CAN NOT WAIT to see them!  He has had a better week at school this week.  Thankfully!  He seems to be trying much harder or paying attention much better. 

We had a wedding on Saturday for one of my oldest friends.  It was so sweet, a day I know she has been waiting on!  She looked beautiful!!  It was nice to catch up with our group of friends from back in the day, and I am talking waaay back.  We were all friends in elementary school and were practically inseparable then.  Bryce was an angel during the service.  Thank goodness because we are still working on our inside and whispering voices! 

Bryce started a new school this week.  We brought him closer to us.  The new school is a private preschool that can even have a kindergarten if there are enough children who want it.  The big difference is they do not watch tv at all.  This starts a great education and we are hoping to continue private school with him.  I am not opposed to sending Steven to a private school but he is.  I also worry that because he hasn't been in private school that he would be held back if we did switch and that is a major ego buster!  I digress...Bryce hasn't adjusted quite yet and there are tears every morning.  I believe that he just doesn't know everyone yet and it is pretty scary to go to a new school.  Everyone seems really nice and we have been pleased so far.  Hopefully, he will adjust in a couple of weeks.  He does love their playground because it is shaped like a firetruck!

We have a band concert today.  This is the last big thing for band this year.  Next year, Steven will be the big man on campus.  A big 8th grader.  That also means that he graduates high school in five years.  It's time to start thinking college already.  I can't believe that it is almost that time!  He is getting excited for high school and all the extra activities that will bring.  He is ready for some marching band and I am too!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!  We are preparing for rain and still getting the house ready for another party next weekend!