Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Hard Is It?

I know there are more pressing things to worry about in our country.  BUT, I have a bone to pick and it is driving me crazy!  Do you see the signs above?  Are they hard to understand?  I do not have any transgendered people in our office so it should be pretty self explanatory.  Did you know that boys are gross in a bathroom?  Yes, you can quote me on that.  My husband isn't quite as gross as others I may know HOWEVER, boys are gross in a bathroom. Our office has two separate bathrooms and while I may be selfish in thinking that the girls bathroom is mine, I am the only girl here.  I know there can be emergencies and if one is full please do use the other.  BUT can they not put the seat back down?  I know, I know, I sound horrible.  We always put the seat down in our house.  It's just common courtesy, on top of, they do not want a very ticked off mom in the middle of the night.  I digress...Our men's restroom at work is not as clean as mine.  It is a little gross to me, in all actuality.  I have already started to teach Bryce that it is neat to wipe the seat if we sprinkle when we tinkle.  If a three year old can do it, so can a man!  I have been finding my seat up multiple times lately and it is bothering me only because I can also see watermarks around the floor.  Just the thought makes me go EWWWWWW!  SO, if there are any men out there who need reminding, please clean up your mess in a bathroom and put down the seat! 


Meg0429 said...

Oh that is disgusting. Do they have a cleaning service that comes in to clean? If so, they are not doing a very good job. We have someone come in one a week and cleans the office. We have a lot more women here then men so the men would never think to use our bathroom. It would be hard for me to use that bathroom though. I have a problem with the seat being up at home. Weston thinks that if he has to lift it every time, then I can lower it. Typical man thinking ;) I don't mind with him, but other bathrooms. Ewwwww!! The ring is even more disgusting. Barf!

Candi said...

Yuck! Yes men are incredibly gross in bathrooms! Public bathrooms are the worse in my opinion..I've seen some women who are pretty disgusting as well. I became a germophobic during my pregnancy and yeah it has stuck...I REFUSE (unless there is no other possible way) to change Aubrey in a public restroom..heck some restrooms I come out of I feel like I need to spray sanitizer all over myself....yucky!