Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring when will you come?

It is another chilly and gray day here in Alabama! How's the weather where you guys are? I am so ready for spring that I can barely stand it. First reason: The boys need to be outside! This past weekend, when I was able to get out of the bed, the boys could go outside and play and play and play! They were happier, we were happier, and when mommy is happy, everyone is happy! Second reason: It's just time. I mean come on! I live in Alabama and we have had at least 12, count that TWELVE, snow days here. Most winters we don't even get two! It is so hard to contain these two! I can't imagine how you guys who live up north and really get snow live. I lived in Indiana when I was little and everyone there had a basement. That may help some but I am sure you still get a little stir crazy!

I do have a favor to ask. I work in the construction business and it is kinda lacking right now. We have landed 2 jobs in the last two years and really need some prayers to land this one tomorrow. Our competition is stiff, I will admit, however we play a fair game and do not resort to shopping our prices around like our competition. Our downfall is that we play honest. Please just say a little prayer asking the Big Guy that if this is the job we need to please allow us to win. We are not in fear for our jobs, BUT corporate is only going to allow our division to bleed money for so long. It would just be nice to have a little work on the books!

Steven's grandmother has an old student who is pregnant and is only in the 8th grade! We bit the bullet and had an impromptu "talk" about it last night. It was about time. He is only 3 years away from being 16 and that's how old I was when he was born! Wow, I am really getting old and quick! I will be the mother of a driver in 3 short years! Hopefully, he will trust me and his father and come to us if he needs more info before making a big decision of that nature! Information is key!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Tomorrow is I Heart Thursday!


Candi said...

I agree spring needs to come fast! I'm going stir crazy lol! 12 snow days!? How are they going to make it up...are they going to be in school till June?
Good luck on getting the contract!