Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Katie Cakes

Our visit with Ryan and his family went well last night. There was not a ton of changes but some minimal ones. The best news was that Ryan was allowed to hold his daughter so the staff could change her sheets. That really had brightened his day. They have removed all the oxygen and had taken out an IV. The doctors came in yesterday and explained the situation. Basically, this is a brain injury and unfortunately there is no way of knowing when anything will happen. The accident was about 4 on Friday evening and she has been unconscious since then. Her eyes have opened more and more since Sunday but it does not seem that she is focusing on anything yet. The nurses took off the neck brace yesterday and that has seemed to help calm her. Ryan said it seemed as if she was relieved and able to rest better. She did forcefully take her oxygen off twice yesterday. There is some talk of a feeding tube being put in by the end of the week if she is still unable to eat. They also would like to do a MRI but need to wait until her esophagus is healed from the vent tube being pulled out. It is a shear brain injury and right now all the family can do is wait and pray. We took Ryan and Heather out of the hospital last night for dinner while the grandparents were there. That seemed to help them some. Heather is a lot like me...she likes to have plans and have her order and this has really thrown a wrench in that. They are focusing on Katie right now and they know that they have enough support to help them with whatever is needed. Please continue to remember them. This is just so hard. Pray for the doctors, nurses, Ryan, and Heather. More specifically...pray for improvements and rest.

UPDATE: The doctor told the family today that a shear injury is harder to recover from than a concussion. They are expected to see some difference in 10-14 days. Please pray for patience!


Laura said...

Meghan, I don't think I know the family or situation you're talking about but have kept this family in my prayers ever since you began blogging about them.

Meghan said...

Thanks Laura! I know you do!

Tiffany Lockette said...

They are in my prayers