Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you like Good Housekeeping?

Do you read Good Housekeeping?  I have read it since I was little.  My mom always kept it in our downstairs bathroom.  I would always stretch our phone cord in there to talk on the phone growing up.  I suppose that statement shows my age since most folks have cordless phones today.  We had a few cordless phones growing up but I really only remember one.  It was the kind that had an antenna that you had to pull up to use.  I know, I hear Zach Morris calling me on his cell phone now!  Anyway I digress....Amazon has Good Housekeeping on sale this month.  You can get a one year subscription for only $7 here, or go ahead and spend a few dollars extra and get the 2 year subscription for only $10 here!  It always has at least $5 of coupons inside of it, so it pays for itself over two years.  This is a special for the month of March and it is a great price!