Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday was wonderful!

We were up bright and early this last Saturday. Steven was to participate in Solo and Ensemble and go straight to a scout shooting campout right after. We got up and cooked breakfast. Well, Blake cooked and I watched! Blake is not a pancake lover but I am. So, he cooked me some pancakes and then made eggs, biscuits, and homemade white gravy for the boys. I love this picture of all of them eating together.

After Solo and Ensemble, where Steven received a superior, we met his dad and off Steven went to boy scouts. Blake and I took advantage of such a gorgeous day. We went to Academy and got Bryce a new bat, ball, and glove so we could go and play some ball. Bryce loved it. We stayed up at Steven's school and surprisingly there was not a soul up there. Bryce ran the bases and kicked a ball and played in sand and played some ball. I must admit, that I just sat there in their gorgeous grass and let the sun shine on my white legs! The ballfield is all fenced in so we could just let Bryce run to his little heart's desire! We headed back to the house after a little bit so the little man could nap but he knew we were going fishing and to a party so he never slept.

After my friend's tool and gadget party we headed to the river. We couldn't decide which would be a better spot but I think it was the other location. We caught nothing but Bryce kept thinking that his bait was his fish! Cracked me up! He is also pretty dangerous with the casting part. I thought I was about to have a hook in the eye! Our wonderful Saturday was rudely interrupted with a deary, nasty day on Sunday and now it is snowing in Alabama!


Hattie said...

Bryce cracks me up in the first pic! Sounds like y'all had a great weekend except for this crazy weather! I thought it was Spring?!