Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I know the song goes that girls just wanna have fun but did she have any boys?  Was she a parent to said boys?  We are working on 8 days of no sunshine here in Alabama and my boys are wound so tight that they are ready for action!  The first couple of pictures I took on the last day of sunshine back when I had the flu. 

Isn't he big?

Bronson came over on Saturday while his mommy and daddy where working and keeping them entertained was becoming hard.  These boys are dying to get outside and feel the sun against their faces.  Bronson and Bryce ran around the house like a bunch of heathens most of Saturday afternoon.  They can race around our living room and into our kitchen.  The doors are open on both sides so they get their riding toys and have a blast.  There are numerous arguements on who is going to ride what.  We have a train and a car.

We also love to dress up!  

Here is Bronson the Cowboy!

My two sweet little troublemakers! 

Bryce was a super hero most of the day.  He really loves those stinking Wonderpets!

No matter how busy they are or if they can be stinkers I wouldn't trade them for anything!  I would love to be a gosselin or dugger and be able to provide for multiple children.  I think a houseful would be awesome!


Bridgette said...

How adorable! I agree, I am about to go crazy! I need sun (and warmer temps)!!! Thanks for giving me that info today. I came home and filled out the app. :)