Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple Gratitude!

I recently went through a drive thru of course it wasn't Chickfila and as I was pulling out the employee and myself both said "Have a good day" together. This was surprising because I don't usually hear it anymore. It is something that I have always said. I am a glass half full kind of gal and society is changing drastically to a half empty world. We only hear negative, as I said yesterday, and that makes me sad. One reason I love Chickfila so much is because they always respond with my pleasure! It just makes the day a little brighter!

I was speaking with someone yesterday about their job. They were telling me how the manager in charge is so rude. He uses horrible language on the job, will ignore questions he doesn't want to answer, and expects much more than the what the job calls for. I told them, "well at least you have a job with some awesome benefits." I felt that this person should be thankful that their job is there and that they are not unemployed. Our nation is struggling yes, but we are still one of the richest in the world.

I suppose my I heart Thursday has just rolled into my rant.

I am thankful I have a job. No, it may not be in my career choice but I have not been blessed to find something in marketing up here. I have no experience except for working for small business owners and that makes the application process harder. Of course, I am also looking for flexibility like my current one has with no weekends or nights. Picky!? I know! But I am employed in a nice position. Not one I want for life but one that I could grow if our economy ever picks back up.

We must remember that it is the little things that count. Yes, I love my nice house and car. I like being able to send Steven on school trips, play in the band, and play football. We have tons of extras that many cannot afford. I know...I have been there. When I look back, I cannot believe how far my life has come. How in the world did I make it 10 years ago? But I did and I wouldn't change a thing.

So today guys, find one thing that makes you happy and hold on to it. I know a lot of us out there are struggling right but there has to be something that makes you happy. God blesses us everyday and every struggle is a lesson. Let's learn from them!

Now, here's something that has always made me happy. Forgive me because my scanner is not installed correctly, so I took a picture of a picture! I loved this picture in high school. These where some of the best pictures that I ever took. I found it and I thought about all of you guys!
This is from fall 1994. I was a deadhead then too.


Tiffany Lockette said...

Good post. I agree our society is a shame. Wouldn't it be so nice if everyone had manners and something good to say? I agree, you don't find it very often anymore. It's so simple, watch, I hope you have a great weekend, see, how hard was that!! You get what I'm saying.

Lauren said...

Hehe, I think I have this picture somewhere in a photo album, along with pics of a bunch of other band geeks. Hehe! Have a good weekend!

The Carrolls said...

Our band pictures where great that year!