Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Heart Thursday!

Today is the day when we put all the negative out of our minds and remember what is truly important in life! Sometimes I struggle when doing this because I don't want to keep renaming all the same things. Oh well....

I heart My kids!!!! They are so much fun!

I heart my bed! I have been under the weather and it has provided great comfort!

I heart finding old friends on facebook! The ones you never expect to find!

I heart my job! So thankful to have one!

I heart my co workers! They are good Christian men that are great to work with!

I heart my husband for taking over the mommy duties while I have felt sickly!

I heart my new 50mm camera lens!! WOOT WOOT

I heart that my brother in law is now engaged! Congrats to both!

I heart that it is going to be almost 60 degrees this weekend!!!!

Okay, so once I got going it was so much easier to keep going. I hope you all have a great week!


Anna said...

I also "heart" getting new stuff for my camera.