Thursday, March 18, 2010

iPhone Photos

I always forget my camera and then end up taking a pic on the iPhone. I love this phone but geez the picture quality stinks on it! You would think it would be so much better but no. Luckily, I am not an Apple fanatic so, no harm done. I love that we can have a camera at a moments notice! So many of my memories do not have pictures to go with them. Film was expensive and those little one time uses still had to be developed. I have a grocery sack at home that is full of things that need developed. One day I will bite the bullet and go have it done. I should probably do that sooner than later because the digital revolution is here! I honestly use my camera almost daily. Not that all my shots are great or even good. I just like to have them. My new project at home is gathering my photos and planning to write what was happening and have the dates added to the backs. This way when my children are looking through my things they will not have to wonder. I have seen pictures of my grandparents from way back when and have no idea when that when was. Does that make sense!? I have a lot of work to do on them and have not even really started yet but that is the plan. Hopefully, I will have it done this year! So, all these pictures were taken from my iPhone and today when I plugged it into the computer to charge I said, "Self, you should really take those off and show the world!" So world, Here you go!

Don't worry, he is drinking hot chocolate!

This is Baloo the Bear. He's our new Build a Bear.