Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is going on?????????

I do not understand what is happening in our world. I live in North Alabama and recently we had a shooting a block away from my work, at UAH. I attended UAH as a nursing and biology student. I did change my major, however, the scariness of this is all too real! I could have been in her class. I could be ANYWHERE and a shooting happen. Did stuff like this used to happen? Has the media just made it easier to report instantly? We have something happening now every couple of days. We do not go a week without something. bombs, guns, knifes, planes! You never know. We must be thankful for what God has given us. We must have faith in Him. We must trust Him. We must believe that he knows when our time will end. He is the only one who does! Even though it is a pretty scary world right now, it is much less scary giving it all to God!


Maegan said...

I feel the same way. It is just so scary now. You never know what is going to happen and where. I hate that my kids can't just go outside and play like I did. You are right though, we just have to trust God and know that he has a plan!

Hattie said...

That is so scary! I totally agree w/ what you said about it is all in God's hands. Thanks for the sweet comment ya left me too!