Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Morning

My head hurts this morning. I am trying to wean from the sodas, mainly Coca-Cola. I used to not drink soda at all. I would only drink Gatorade or water but times have changed and now I try like an addict to leave behind such yumminess. It aches all the way down into my neck and I just want to go back to bed. I slept very good last night and I am a leeetle peeved that my head has to hurt today. I did grab a coke at Chickfila this morning hoping that it may help my headache but now 2 hours later it still just throbs.

We had a good morning getting ready for school today. That is always nice. Yesterday was a disaster in the morning. You know how it goes after a trip. It was a morning where no one was doing anything right. Steven's room looked like it had vomited, Bryce did not want to wear clothes, and I was going to be late if we didn't get out the door. Why can't we just get our clothes on and leave? Why do I have to tell Steven everyday to make a lunch? Isn't eating important? Why do toddlers resist clothes so much or is this just my child? My nephew loves his clothes and his shoes. He actually asked Nana the other day to put them back on after a nap. So, since they share genes, one would think that they may be similar in some ways but they are more different than peanut butter and jelly. It didn't help that I was still tired and on a short fuse. I am sure no one ever has mornings like that! We did make up for it last night. We baked Totino's pizzas and then after dinner we all hung out in Blake and I's room watching the Olympics. It was a nice low key evening but just what we all needed. Thankfully, the hubs put Bryce to bed last night and after that I ended up asleep by 830. We have a really exciting night life.

We now are gearing up for the cold again. James Spann, out of Birmingham, was talking about a blizzard in NYC, snow in the deep south(we are south but not deep), and nasty cold temps for at least a couple more weeks. I hope to scrounge up some firewood and enjoy the last couple of fires this weekend. We really want to go and see Shutter Island this weekend but I think we might wait a little bit because we have to start turning dirt for our garden and there are a lot of things that require my attention in the house, like laundry and dust! So, I am off for my day. I hope you all enjoy yours!


Maegan said...

We also have many hectic mornings. I think it just goes along with have kids. It is pretty much a given that we will have some sort of meltdown, struggle, or other unplanned hectic event occur at least 3 out of the 5 school days. I feel your pain :)

Allergykidmom said...

My mornings are always hectic. You would think after being in school for three years my daughter would get a clue, but it is a fight.