Monday, February 15, 2010

Cornelius Knigga, Yep that's MY Grandpa!

We celebrated a wonderful birthday this weekend.  My Grandpa, Cornelius Knigga, turned 86!  He has lived through the depression, WWII, the Korean War, Kennedy, Vietnam, you catch my drift.  My grandparents are super special to me because I was the only grandchild to be kept by them when little.   My mom still worked until we had multiple small children running around.  So, every morning my papaw would pick me up in his omni, he was just getting off third shift at the Seagram's Plant.  We would then drive to their house.  He would take me and throw me in the bed with grandma.  He told me this story all the time growing up.  Most of my memories contain my grandparents.  We never did anything outlandish but I loved going to the flea markets or just to KFC with them.  Grandma has been gone for almost 8 years!  Grandpa is slowing fading due to the Alhiezmers but I still love him!

Saturday we braved the cold and headed over to the veteran's home.  The facility is great and they take good care of him.  Erin, Zac, Michael, Steven, Bryce, Blake, Mom, and I were all there.  We do not have much family and the family that we do have lives a good distance from here.

Bryce had to help with his candles.  He is obsessed with the candles. 

He also had to help Grandpa blow them out.  Well, Bryce mainly did the blowing!

My Grandpa!

Here's the fam

Me and my Pawpaw!


Sarah said...

I never met Cornelius but he was my biological grandfather as well... glad you were there for him before he passed.
-Sarah Knigga