Friday, February 19, 2010

I need to go where those chilly winds don't blow!

We are not blessed with snow often. While I would love one good blizzard, just as much as any other southerner, I am glad we don't get too much of this white stuff. Our whole city shuts down when we get any snow. I was loving the snow day and the much needed extra weekend. The hubs work was closed too! It was great getting the extra snuggles and loves. Steven is truly getting close to being a teenager. He woke up and looked at the snow and went back to bed. Bryce was not having it. The only problem is we are not stocked for this weather. We are lucky to even get even a little windbreaker on him, so we do not have much attire for the wintry weather. Luckily, I have a hand me down hat and some gloves I found at Kmart. The snow was mostly melted Monday but the melted snow turned to ice on Monday night. That granted Blake and I some extra time Tuesday morning to get ready for work.