Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello, hello, hello....Is there anybody out there?!!!

I know we have been MIA for a while now.  I promise we are all okay, just busy with life and stuff.  Steven has been with his dad for the last two weekends.  We doubled up a weekend because we are supposed to go skiing in Indiana this weekend.  Unfortunately, we may have to back that trip up a week or two due to the snow.

So, back to life........Here is a pic from Thad's memorial of me and two of my bestest friends in the whole world!  We have known each other for about 16 years.  They are two of the nicest guys I have ever known!

Here's my fireman!  Grandma gave him the firefighter suit for Christmas.  Boots from Target and a hand me down hat makes for some great times running around the house!
I don't know what this is but when I tell him to smile this is what I get now!

We have been very cooped up in the house lately.  I know most of the eastern half of the US is getting bad weather.  We have only been getting the rain and the cold.  There were a few snow showers but nothing sticks here.  It has just been cold.  Too cold to do anything outside.  In our search for good things to do, we decided to take Bryce to the skate castle.  It hasn't changed at all!  We all put on our brown skates and tried to make a couple of laps around the rink.  People are wizzing by and all we could do was hold on tight to Bryce and hope no one hit us.  It was an experience to say the least.  Back when I was little there was a little rink in a corner.  People who weren't really good at skating went over there to try to get better.  Well, some genius decided that a play area would be soooo much better.  Of course there are those nasty, filthy, disgusting balls to jump in.  Don't get me wrong, I am usually not a germaphobe HOWEVER, those balls looked so gross!  But the skating just wasn't happening.  He is still too little to balance on those things.  He would be okay and then the skates would roll right on out.  We have since went and bought some beginner skates and we now skate in the garage.

He just loved these nasty little things.  He was swimming in them!  Crawl up on the side and then just dive into them and the whole time all I could think about was reading all sorts of articles stating how dirty these things are.  People have found snakes in these things and it didn't help that it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in who knows how long!  Well, he has lived and we haven't had any health issues.  So I guess mom was just going nuts!

Most of our time has been spent inside the comfort of our home.  Things around the house are breaking left and right.  Stupid home ownership!  I now know how people are tortured!  The fridge started to click a couple weeks ago.  Steven noticed it first right after Christmas.  We didn't hear it until about a week later.  Then it just started clicking constantly!  And I do mean all the time, without stopping, enough to drive a person CRAZY!  Did I make my point?  Anyway I digress, we have fixed the fridge and have put a new battery and ignition switch in the truck.  We now have to work on our fireplace (it drips) and our garage door.( broken spring)  I am also hoping to paint Bryce's bedroom sometime.  It is going to take some sanding and primer to get the hideous paint off before we can do anything to it. 

Okay all caught up again!  I will try to do better!  Promise!  OOOOOO  I did book our family vacation for this summer and I cannot wait.  This year we are directly on the beach!  Is it too soon to be looking forward to July?!  Wait, I guess it is because I will be turning 30!!!!!  AHH

And how about this!?  Blake and I were cooking dinner one night and this is how I found the boys watching tv!  They are so hilarious!  Never a dull moment at our house for sure.  At least they were still right here!