Monday, February 22, 2010

I love to Visit!

We were so excited to go and visit my cousin Amy in Aurora, Indiana this weekend. There were many great things about this trip but the number one for the kids would have to be snow! We were all very excited to see snow and had no idea how much there really was until Saturday morning. We didn't want to cut into our vacation time so we didn't leave until after work on Friday. We had a nice drive up and noticed the snow on the ground but we had no idea how much they really had until the daylight hours the next morning. The original plan was to ski on Saturday all day, however, Amy's mother in law thankfully called and informed us that it was a madhouse at Perfect North Slopes. She advised us to wait until after 5. They stay open late anyway so it really made no difference to us. We then decided to go eat with her folks at a mexican restaurant in downtown Aurora. I know now that I am a southerner because when her dad ordered a margarita at 11:30am, I thought, "WOW it is early." It is not that drinking is bad but after living down here for so long, drinking has a big stigma or people act like they don't drink at all. (note I said act. I once had a boss who would buy his beer 25 miles away just so he wouldn't see any of his friends!) Anyway....I loved being "home" again! I can still navigate those roads like I could actually drive when we lived there! I was 5 when we moved south.

Bryce playing at a skateboard park near the old Aurora High School!
That's where his grandparents met and went to school!

The next two shots are Stevens. I wish I could claim them. He did a wonderful job!

This is the great view from Amy's back deck! I wish my view was that good!