Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Circus Came to Town and Wow what a Funundrum!

We love the circus. I guess it is because we should live there. Well we had been telling Bryce forever that we were going and when Saturday rolled around he was ready! He was up bright and early ready to get into the bathtub! We, true to form, were running behind and got to the VBC right on time. They were turning the lights down as we walked into the arena. We had the best seats ever! We sprung for the 3rd row but everything was elevated so we could see everything and to make it even better, we were in a row were our three seats were by themselves. I love the circus but didn't think it was as good as the last. There were not as many clowns this time. Plus, Bello Nock was not there either. He is the most awesome clown there is! Bryce did get to give a high five to the ringmaster. I really thought that he would like to see the animals and all the tricks. Nope, he loved the ringmasteR! He did want to jump on the trampoline (the net for the acrobats) and go play with the pirates. All in all it was great!