Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow! What a game!

Wow!  I was not expecting this game!  I was so afraid it was going to look like this at the end of the ballgame!  The first quarter started with Auburn scoring not one but TWO touchdowns!  Where did this team come from?  Have they been hiding people all season? 

Thankfully our boys somewhat pulled it together and made it for the win securing our hopes to a national championship again!

Our aunt and uncle came and watched the ballgame with us!  I was so excited because Auntie Helene' is my age and we are two peas in a pod!  Brandon brought Bronson over for the boys to play and Blake was let off early so he made it in time for the second half.  This was one of the best games with the best rivalries of all time, in my opinion.  I honestly thought Bama was going to AWBARN!  So, next week will be another blood pressure rising game but hopefully we will pull that out also.  Thank Goodness for Roy Upchurch!  He was begging to play the Cody-5.  This is a very popular play and thankfully it won the game!  Way to go Bama!  Roll Tide!


Bridgette said...

I agree! I was very nervous for Bama! ROLL TIDE!!!!