Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Shopping and Roll Tide Roll

Hope everyone's Turkey Day was great! I am off to Kirkland's today to gather up some Christmas Decorations. I may hit up Target too but I have to be home quickly because Blake has to be at work by 830! We totally forgot that he has to ask off for this day. He was off on Fridays for three years and last year he asked off. Well on Sunday I was very excited about the three day work week when it hit him.....he never asked off. I totally assumed that he was off and never mentioned it. So, hopefully the bossman will decide that they should take off a little early but I don't think it will be early enough to watch the game.

For my husband's sake, I hope the game is quick and is a killer! There is no need for Auburn to score anything! Now, on my end, I hope that it is a good game and that we have to work for it. I don't like to watch blow outs because they can get boring! Oh well, I will have two boys to keep me occupied! Roll Tide my friends!