Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This won't be too long of a post. Bryce loves to dress up and to tell us what he wants to be when he gets big. His top two favorites are firefighters and pirates. We had a pirate shirt but hadn't put too much together when Steven's grandmother brought over this cute vest, hat, and walkie talkie. It was Steven's when he was little and Bryce LOVED IT! We painted his face to look like he had been in a fire doing his job and we were off to get candy. Now this child is mine for sure because he likes candy just like me and what better day than Halloween to get candy!? We met up with Bronson(our nephew) and these two had a blast. I think next year Blake is going to get a trailer and we will have a hayride through the neighborhood with the boys and their friends.

Thank goodness the battery went dead in that walkie talkie! It was horrible.

Bronson was dressed like Death (I think)
Bryce loved all the decorations!

Too bad it was Gare's weekend this weekend. We sure did miss Steven but he was hanging out with his youth group at our church's fall festival. I believe he actually met a girl up there! :)