Monday, November 16, 2009

What a weekend

My weekend started on Friday.  Bryce woke up with a fever and a rash around his shoulder blades.  So, unfortunately I had to call in to work and stay home with the boy.   I know, can you here the distress in the voice.  I love to stay home and would full time if I could figure out how to be paid without a job.  Well, good ol' Dr. H said that toddlers get rashes and to just watch it.  I love those answers but then again I don't.  I usually want to know why something is going on but kids do break out so who knows.  He did tell us to get some benedryll.  We made a quick run to the Publix to pick that up PLUS I had codes for free movies out of the blockbuster box.  Up came out last week and while the boys may be receiving it for Christmas, it didn't stop me from renting it.  Bryce loved it and had to watch it all day.  The benedryll kicked his butt and around 430 he passed out.  I just love a sleeping baby.  Well, I say baby but he is a big boy! 

Saturday was another great day.  Bryce still had his rash but we were able to stay around the house.  We did have to run to the grocery store to finish up our shopping for the week and take back the movie. We ended up renting another because I had more of those wonderful codes.  This time we chose Monsters Vs. Aliens.  It was cute but a little old for him.  I had to get my coupons together before we left and Bryce is such a helper.  Here he is helping mommy cut out coupons.  Thankfully that one was a dud because Bryce is a great user of scissors.

After we ran our errands, we came back to our house to settle in for the day.  We made some tea and chili and just waited for the Alabama game to come on.  Bryce somehow has got it in his head that Santa says Roll Tide!  It is hilarious but we have no idea where he gets it from.  Blake and I have not said anything like that to him.  His teachers at school are Auburn fans.  That leaves Steven and I don't think he did it either.  The game was great!  A big win with a large spread!  Here's my helper again. 
Sunday was just another day of the same stuff.  Blake cut us some firewood and we let Bryce ride his tractor.  He was begging to mow the yard.  When Blake finished we got out the tractor and let him get at it.  He is such a nut!  He is getting into the Christmas spirit and I found him a Santa hat and he loved it.  He wears it everywhere.  He looked so funny sitting on that tractor with shorts on (we live in Alabama, home of the crazy weather patterns), a jingle bell, Santa hat, and an Alabama jersey!  I probably took at least 50 pictures!  He is just so cute. 

Here he is in his outfit!  I love it!

I promise that we do love Steven too but he was out of town this weekend with the church group at his first youth gathering.  I am so excited that he is getting into the youth group.  Some of my oldest and best friends came from church.  He came home around 530 and was exhausted!  He said he slept most of the way home.  We cooked some chili dogs and called it a night in our house last night.  All of us in bed by 9!