Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miracles, that His business

I asked yesterday for prayers for a little guy named Stellan.  He is gorgeous and I have a soft spot for boys, especially at that age when they are too cute!  Pastor Eddie said numerous times Sunday morning that God answers prayers when it is not humanly possible to fix things anymore and let  me tell you that he fixed Stellan!  Not just a little bit, but the surgery was a great success that I am sure will finally give some peace to MckMama and her many small children.  This is so amazing and makes me feel so great!  While Stellan still has such a long recovery in front of him, the doctors feel certain that they have helped this little fighter overcome his SVT and survive the surgery.  To make a long, long story short, Stellan is too little for these surgeries and should not have had them done because of size and it could ruin the heart for good and leave him with a pacemaker or dead.  His condition makes his heart beat tooooooo fast and it cause the body to rapidly deteriorate.  You can catch up here if need be but

On another note and update.  Molly Moses, the girl who had a horrific boating accident, will be coming home sometime this week!  Look at that two praises in one day!  That is certainly amazing!  I don't know if anyone reads this who can but her family is asking for her ride home to be decorated for her.  I believe they will come over the hudson bridge and down 6th ave to Plaza street!  She loves purple so anyone who can make signs or hang balloons think about it!  I will update when I hear about what day for certain!


Carrie said...

I was so excited to read MckMama's blog and find out the wonderful news about Stellan. Also, Molly is coming home on Friday!!