Monday, November 23, 2009


Phish was spectacular this weekend in Cincy! I love when a band I love comes to my hometown! I lived outside Cincy for 5 years and my siblings were both born there. There is a ton of nostalgia when I visit. We left around 10 on Saturday morning and headed out after we dropped the little guy off. He was happy to go because our Uncle Keith is here! He is only here once a year so we live it up when he is here. Anyway I my main goal on Saturday was to get to Aurora, In and meet up with my cousin Amy. Then we were going to eat at Skyline Chili! Only my most favorite eatery ever! Now, I know you southern people do not know what this is but it is so good and I think that it is even better for me because I remember eating there so much with my grandparents when I was little. Living in Alabama we have to suffer through the frozen or can goods to make it without Skyline but when I hit my old town, it has to be the only place we eat! I will admit that we ate here two times. We even had them make us some to go for Sunday nite since it will be a while before we have anymore. Doesn't it look scrumptious?!

We stayed with my cousin and her husband who is home on leave from Iraq! Amy was going to try to surprise him with tickets but she wussed out early and told him about it early. Blake and I had floor tickets and we were super close! I was so excited and noticed that there were more married people there than I had ever noticed! I got lucky and didn't have a "head" stepping on my toes all night long like Blake did. Here's the view before the show from our seats!

Sorry for the blurry pics but they were taken on my phone. Phish was on fire this weekend and I hope it is just a preview of what to expect from them for a couple more years!


grizaham said...

I was a both shows in Cincy and they were sooo good! Wish i was going to Miami!
War eagle!