Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was wonderful this year.  I really wanted to start the traditions with Bryce as I did with Steven.  Steven is always busy this time of year because he is blessed with multitudes of family.  Blake and I have been on vacation since December 23rd and it has been glorious.  I did have to work one day this week but it was so quiet the boss decided to close up early.  Bryce had a respiratory infection last week and after loving on mom and coughing in her face a few times now I am sick with the same crud.  Blake has had a little touch of it just not as bad as the two of us. 

Here's my little guy ready for Christmas to come. 

What a gross night Christmas eve was.  Steven had Christmas at Gare's dad's side of the family of this night.  That side knows Steven love for the University of Alabama football.  He came home looking like the Alabama Store was given to him.  He loves it!  Rosco and Sunshine hid in the house together snuggling near the fire.  Bryce watched The Polar Express and was just so excited knowing it was Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning I woke up around 5AM.  I layed there and could not sleep at all!  So, I got up and took a shower and watched the news.  Still no kids were awake.  Steven woke up around 645 and we just decided to go wake the baby and daddy!   As soon as I opened Bryce's door he popped up ready to go.  He came rushing down the stairs and the first thing he said was, "where's my dinosaur"?  We did not put the dino front and center.  It was hidden in the back.    Steven received a new knife.  Blake, Brandon, and Uncle Keith all have the same one so it is more of a family keepsake now.  I didn't get too many pictures but Blake filmed everything!

After everything was open we let Bryce open the dinosaur and he was scared of the thing!  Hilarious!  He loves it now and tries to ride him.  But he just couldn't understand where Spike's cage was.  You see this thing is on display at Target in a plexiglass case and I guess he thougt that was how it was going to come.

Afterward, we got the kids ready and headed to my parents.  Erin was up and at em already with the mimosa!  My favorite!  It was great!  I think everyone surprised everyone with their gifts!  I was really able to find things for everyone this year truly from the heart!

My brother got Bryce this chainsaw and he had to help Steven!  In that package was his very first guitar.  He has done so good messing around with it.  He is picking up things by ear which is impressive to me.  That is something I could never do!  Mamaw got Bryce some dress up clothes and he loves them.  He is a firefighter and a cowboy.  Notice Steven's outfit.  Roll Tide!  We were very surprised with a Garmin!  Love it!  I will use it around everywhere!  Plus, we are going back to Indiana soon to ski so it will come in handy!

We had to leave there to get Steven back to go to Gare's mom's house for Christmas there.  He received another guitar and a week at Nick Saban football camp this summer.  Totally excited about that!  David (his uncle) is an excellent guitarist and he showed Steven a couple things over there.  We had Bryce take a nap and we cleaned up the house a little.  I could not figure out where to put all the garbage and what boxes to keep.  We had to load up shortly and go to pick up Granny to head to Dena's.  We picked Steve up on the way.  Here are the little kids.  They are adorable.  They all love to play with each other and they are all obsessed with Steven!

Steven was given his first pair of birkenstock clogs!  He was so surprised.  He has barely taken them off.  I had been holding a secret in  since October.  Dena got Blake and Brandon tickets to see BB King at the VBC on January 7.  She surprised Margaret and I with tickets also.  The only kicker is that is the night of the Championship game.  So we will be enjoying BB King while checking up on the game with my iPhone. 

We had such a blessed Christmas this year.  The boys were so loving and watching them together this past week has been so nice.  Sometimes a headache but still wonderful!  I am really looking forward to a great New Year!