Monday, January 11, 2010

Lazy Weekend Stream

It's just too cold to do anything, much less leave the house. We ventured out this morning for church and haven't been anywhere since. I have been blessed with not one but TWO naps this weekend! I love napping and if I don't get one I am usually asleep on the couch by 830. Steven had to be up and out the door by 645 on Saturday for a merit badge workshop with the Boy Scouts. I don't even remember if we did anything else that day. Bryce wanted to ride his tractor so we did try to go outside Saturday to do that. He rode the thing out of our building and got off and ran back inside. The south has been frozen for some time now. I guess the north is too, however, we are not made for this type of weather here. I am lucky to even get a coat on Bryce lately. Man, the two's has really set in with Bryce. He is so independent and everything takes about 20 minutes longer because he has to do everything himself. Even somethings that you don't realize he wants to do. Sunday, Bryce was watching The Backyardigans (our new favorite) and I noticed that the dogs were ready to come back in. So, I walked on over and opened the door. He had the biggest come apart. Everything is now, "I do by myself." If he doesn't get to do it we then move into a large tantrum. Steven and I measured ourselves and he is officially an inch taller than me. Wow, has he grown this year! I cannot believe how tall he is getting. Dr. H told us years ago that he is expected to be 6'3 but I do not know where that is coming from!? He is almost a teenager! ACK! Blake and I are trying to financially get accustom to a change in our income. Blake's job has changed from weekly to biweekly paychecks. It is the same amount of money but it throws off my schedule of bill paying and takes a little time to get used to. We are trying to plan our year and figure out what we want to do and what we CAN do. So far we are pretty well packed for the next month or two. We have the circus coming up in February for Bryce and then the next weekend we are taking Steven to my hometown for a little skiing and Skyline Chili. We have Bryce's birthday in April, Steven's in May, Blake's in June, mine in July, and our 5th Anniversary is in July too! Wow, no wonder time flies! We are all well and that is a blessing. We fought sinus infections for most of December so it is nice to not have runny and snotty noses. I know this is so interesting so I will leave you all for today. Oh, one more thing, does it mean that I am old when I get excited over a new vacuum cleaner?