Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Goals and ramblings

2010 is already much different than 2009. We have had one of the coldest winters in a long time here in Alabama. That has made our family mighty lazy because we do not go outside much at all. We stay in our house like it is a fort protecting us from the extremely chilly breeze that is blowing outside. This makes for crabby children who do not get to go outside enough to burn energy.

Blake and I are planning and thinking and trying to figure out what improvements we would like to make this year. We did a great deal of home improvements in our old house. We bought the old house for a great deal and with a ton of love and money we changed almost the entire house minus the cabinets. When we purchased our new house, we did not want to do anything to it. It had been a "flipped" house so there was fresh paint on the walls and new floors and carpets already installed with new appliances to match! However, every room upstairs is painted the same color. It is a brown with some designs in it. This fits Steven's personallity and he is of the age of taping posters to the wall. But in Bryce's room it is drab to me. His old room was a gorgeous light blue color with a nautica border. I loved it. It was so versatile and would grow with him. Every bedding I have ever liked for his room matches that color. We would have to rent a heavy duty sander to remove what is presently attached to his walls. Plus that means uprooting a two year old to another room for a couple of days if not more than a week. But we think the time has come.

Our other problem as a couple is that we are both overweight. It started when we were married and after having Bryce the weight just sticks. We just LOVE to eat. Food tastes good and it is so yummy. We have been talking about adding more to the family though and I cannot get pregnant and be this overweight. It is a recipe for gestational diabetes on top of the fact that it is plain not healthy. I find this problem hard because I am feeding the kids and they need the fat. Steven is a skinny fella. We have to change our eating to more healthy and less snacking. Oh, and My name is Meghan and I am a Coca Cola addict! So, now it is out there and I have to be more accountable.

Now, I had mentioned earlier that we would love to enlarge the Carroll Family. I know that there is never enough money to have a baby but we are just now getting out of debt and we would love to pay off a couple more things before we even think about more babies. But I want more and I want more badly. It's funny how ten years ago I didn't want to expand at all ever again, period. But kids are such a blessing. They are truly God's gift and no matter what my kids do to get on my nerves, I love them so much it hurts! We are going to wait due to my student loans will begin repayment soon and we want to see how that will affect us.

So, I have given you guys a little to digest for the Carroll Family's 2010 goals. I don't like the word resolutions. These are my goals and hopefully we will meet a few of them. Sorry for a long post with no pictures. I am trying to get my feelings down a little more this year. Oh, and check out the signature! I am stepping up!