Friday, January 8, 2010

"Oh Yeah...By the Way, I'm BB King"

I am on a ticket first email list from the Von Braun Center and back in October I received an email that BB King would be in Huntsville.  I was super excited because my mother in law had just asked what everyone wanted for Christmas and I knew this would be perfect for Blake!  Blake and his brother had tried to get tickets before to see him and I just knew he would be so surprised at this type of gift.  I held it in for months waiting for Christmas to get here.  He had even heard that he was coming and was wanting to get tickets but I just kept deflecting.  Sneaky, I know.  Well, Christmas came and my mil totally surprised ME with a ticket also along with Brandon's significant other also.  The only problem was it was at the same time as the National Championship game.  I am so happy that we didn't sell our tickets.  It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen!  He is so talented and just keeps on ticking!  This year BB is 84 years old but he still rocks out!  He told stories from years ago and talked about life in general.  His nephew is in the band also.  The guitar player was new to his band but he too was exceptionally great. (I'm sure you have to be to play with BB)  I have no problem at all not seeing Alabama win because of being here.  We were even able to take a photo of him and I shook his hand not once, but TWICE!  Here are a few shots of our wonderful evening!

After the show ended he handed out jewelry and gave a few autographs.  We didn't get close enough for an autograph.

This is right before he left.  They must take him right out to the car because they bring out his coat and hat.  He had three helpers. 

He plays with saxes and some horns also but they were taking a break.  He is so funny and talks a bunch and man can he play!

I love this.  He saw that I had a camera and looked right at me and smiled.  He is so dashing!  Everyone was dressed to the nines!  He told us that he has played in over 90 countries!  I have never been to a more diverse show in my life.  There were so many different types of people there from young to much wiser!  Have I said that it was wonderful!???